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Here’s what I have on my easel right now:

This is the start of a new painting based on a reference shot I took on one of the terraces of the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem. The hotel itself is pretty amazing and doesn’t come so cheap – I was there for a one-day seminar from work.

Anyway, this is the reference shot.

You can see the likeness?

I started here on a plain white canvas, coated only in gesso. The first thing I do is to set out a series of lines that describe what I would call the dynamics of the picture. This you can see more or less in the next image which shows the reference picture tagged onto the top of my easel:

These I set out very accurately on the canvas with a rule and then I add in the rest of the detail roughly in charcoal. I then block in the colors. I have four colors on my palette here:

  1. Titanium white
  2. Yellow ochre
  3. Raw umber
  4. Sap green
  5. Ultramarine

You can probably guess where the ultramarine is… however it is also mixed into the raw umber in the doorway to give deeper color there. All the greens are based on the sap green with ochre mixed in for the lighter colors on the vegetation. The paving and the walls are coated in Jerusalem stone which I have recreated here by mixing ochre with varying quantities of titanium white and a bit of raw umber here and there to get the color of the older stone on the top right section.

In my next post I hope to show a bit more development of the picture.


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Hello World

Welcome to this site – my new blog. Although I have been thinking about this for a while, the idea behind this blog came from looking at Duane Keiser’s Process blog. What I want to do here is post work in progress from my easel as well as thoughts announcements and whatever. I suppose as I go along the concept will fall together a bit better.

Being a programmer, I kind of liked the “Hello World” title that WordPress put on the dummy first article, so I am going to keep it. Better than calling it “foo-bar”… sorry, that was a programmer’s joke.

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