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I just got back from vacation yesterday up north in the Golan. I took loads of photos and have loads of ideas for new paintings. The only problem is that I don’t have time to paint them…. Hmmm.

 We stayed in a zimmer (holiday cabin for the non-Israelis) in Nov in the southern Golan. My wife has a cousin there and it turns out he lives right next door to where we were staying. We went over and he has in his living room a 2.5 meter high painting of the Banias falls which his daughter painted as her final project for her bagrut (high school matriculation exam). An amazing piece – even just to see that it was worth going to the Golan.

Anyway I photographed a lot of water, and views there. Lots of eucalypts in parched yellow ladscape with black basalt rocks and deserted buildings. Now I just need a month vacation to go and paint them!


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