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After my vacation I finally got round to doing some more work on the Mount Zion Hotel picture. In fact there was another update that I didn’t get to post before we went away – painting in the green metal doors as you can see below:

Anyway, I got a couple of hours work in last night and now the painting is really taking shape:

As you can see I am working from the back forwards more or less. First I put the wall in and then the doorway. This was in my previous post. Then I work on the vaious plants, from the furthest moving forward to the closer ones and filling in the low wall and the paved floor along the way. What remains now is to improve on the quality of the plants by the doorway (they look a bit transparent), the stonework and of course the foreground plant. I am toying with the idea of turning the small bowl with the pink flowers into a cascade of pink like you often see round Jerusalem – I’ll have to see how it works out.

 All the greens are based on mixtures of sap green, ochre and white in differing quanities. this helps them hang together as they are all on the same base. The ochre tinge also helps for coherence with the colors of the stonework (ochre, raw umber and white). You will also find tinges of green in the wall. The pink (quinacrodone red) of the flowers is the only color that is not repeated elsewhere which is what will make it stand out.


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