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Hot off the press. Looks like there is going to be an art exhibition for the Beit Shemesh festival this year after all, only not as big as we were planning. We were going to put on ashow with a theme and acceptance criteria and there isn’t going to be enough time to arrange that. The show will be in much the same format as last year. Brenda Ganot just sent an email out about it now to the Beit Shemesh list.

We are now planning the exhibition in the winter around Hanukka time.

The interesting part is that several of us Beit Shemesh artists are getting together to form a kind of cooperative group to put on shows and market ourselves. There is a similar organization already in Mateh Yehuda called Omanei HaElah. This is an exciting development. Maybe Beit Shemesh artists will get on the map.


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I haven’t written about this yet, coz this is a new blog but I have been running a special summer offer that has been previously promoted on the Beit Shemesh email list. The offer runs till the end of the Hagim and goes like this.

If you live in Beit Shemesh or somewhere nearby and you have guests staying from abroad who are looking for artwork, then send them my way. If they buy a piece for over NIS 1000, then I will give you another painting for 33% off the standard price.

To see what I’m offering, just follow the link on the right hand side to my site rafistern.com. Call me or email me to set up a meeting. Note that I can come to you as well with my paintings.

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