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Almost done!

I did quite a bit of work this evening. All small touches that make all the difference. The extra rungs in the railing, texture on the low walls, detail in the doorway (glass in top and some depth inside ay\t the bottom). I also straightened the step, added some white on the wall in the mid area and touched up the lamp a bit.

Basically all the action items done. What I’ll do now is leave it over Shabbat (no painting on Saturdays) and see how it grows on me. Maybe on Sunday I’ll just sign it but probably there will be a few more touches before I’m done.

 Shabbat Shalom (sabbath greetings)!

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I use a lot of titanium white paint. Loads of it. I tend to mix a lot of it into mixtures and I also apply pure white highlights.

Most of my paints are Talens Rembrandt which come in convenient 40ml tubes. However I buy my titanium white in big 150ml or even 175ml tubes (I also have zinc white in a regular 40ml tube). Generally the paints that come in these big tubes are lower grade, but I have found the Hönig “professional” range of paints available here in Israel or Pébéo “studio” range to be very good. Basically, depending on which shop I can get to, I buy the best large tube I can get.

I recently bought a tube of Talens Amsterdam titanium white (comes in big tubes and I thought that being from a good company, it would be OK even if they call it a student grade paint). I was rather disappointed. It lived up to everything I have read about lower grade paints. My main problem with it is that it is too transparent. When I mix it into other colors I end up using loads of paint and if I want to add a pure highlight I have to put on several layers just top see the white.

Anyway, now I see why everyone says not to use student grade paints. Yesterday I went out and bought another tube of Hönig white. Use artist grade paints!

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