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The Beit Shemesh Festival 2007 (the “Shemeshfest”) starts tomorrow. If you haven’t seen the colorful prospectus yet (they stuck one in our mailbox, another in the local paper and I found a few blowing down the street in the wind) you can go to the link I linked above to read all about it.

There is a lot going on! However the most important part is the art show in the RBS where I will be showing along with a group of other highly talented artists from the Beit Shemesh and Adulam area (“Adulam” is the area south of Beit Shemesh).

The exhibit opens tomorrow (Sunday 30th September) at 4pm and it is open till 8pm. At 6pm there will be an official opening ceremony. On Monday the exhibition is open from 1pm to 8pm.

My paintings will be on show for the full length of the show but I will be there in person on Monday afternoon only.

There will be various activities for children going on at the Matnas and there is supposed to be a Sukkah there and food on sale. On Monday evening at 6pm there will be a concert put on by the Beit Shemesh conservatory.

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Taking shape

The picture is taking shape. In the first image (bottom) you can see that I put in the far house and then I added some potted plants outside it. I am still n ot happy with the way it looks and I will come back to that later.

I then started working on the trees – first on the left hand side. This is a eucalypt I reckon that haaangs down with hues of green and gold (ochre). I opened some sky in the middle which makes the whole place a little livelier and put some sun on the far tree in the middle over the house. This is a bright leafy green (called “permanent green light” by Talens) and some lemon yellow and white.

I then went for the right hand “thicket”. I painted on some black (yes, real black) and some very dark olive green mixed with black to make the dark shades of the depth of the bush and then started daubing mixed lighter and darker greens (sap and olive green)  mixed with black and ultramarine or white as the case may be. It now looks quite 3D though it isn’t finished.

Hopefully, even with Sukkot coming up I will get some more done this week. And BTW don’t forget to come to see me at the Beit Shemesh festival on 1st October at the Ramat Beit Shemesh Matnas form 4pm – 8pm.

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This what I got done last night. I have arranged the photos in reverse order with the first at the bottom and the final one at the top. In the first picture you can see the first stage where I sketched in the picture in paint over the charcoal. I chose a purple hue as this is to be the general hue of the picture. What I forgot to do, was to paint a wash background, but I may still do that over what I have already done.

In the next three pictures, you see how I block in the basic colors.

Now I have all the picture there in sketch, I will go over it again in detail and actually do the painting. As I said before, I am considering painting a purple wash on the shaded parts of the painting (and maybe all of it) in order to get a uniform hue so that the painting will hang together.

I might get some more done this evening so I’ll have to see.

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With Sukkot just round the corner it is Beit Shemesh Festival time again. 

As last year, there will be an art exhibition on both days of the festival. The exhibition will be again at the Ramat Beit Shemesh Matnas. I don’t know how many people are displaying apart from me.

I will be displaying on the afternoon of the second day of the festival only – Monday 1st October. I am told that there is going to be a concert at the Matnas on that afternoon.

I will have a lot of my work on display and for sale. Make sure to come!

Just in case you don’t know, the Beit Shemesh Festival is an annual festival of Jewish rock music that has taken place for the last decade or so every Sukkot in the Beit Shemesh “amphi”. Last year the festival was extended to include other activities including an art exhibition.

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Generally I have enjoyed reading articles on EmptyEasel (and I even include a link on my Blog Roll). However I just read this article and it seems to me rather strange advice.

Basically what he is saying is work out how much money you want people to pay you for your paintings and charge that, otherwise you won’t be able to make a living. Yeah… and… what if noone is prepared to pay that much for one of your paintings? Well there is an answer to that as well: start painting faster to produce more cheap work or take classes to improve your quality so that people will pay your asking price.

The basic idea of working out how much money you need to make and then making a plan how to get that income does seem a good idea. However I think that the idea set out here is kind of simplistic. Your art has a value that is dictated by how much people will pay for it. How do you find out what that price is? Well, what do people pay in your area for similar work and what have you sold for before? That marks your price point.

Prices need to be logical and you can’t just put them up and expect people to pay them because you want more money. This doesn’t work for any product and all the more so for art, which is a luxury item for most people. If you overprice then noone will buy.

What he also leaves out in his article is that a lot of artists I know make a lot of their money teaching children and adults and others make money on prints. If you need to generate income then you need to diversify and find new products and services and new markets. You will also spend a lot of time on marketing. I have seen the widely-quoted figure of a full 50% of your time as a professional artist taken up just with marketing and selling.

Personally, I did the math and realized that I cannot support my family as an artist at the same level I do now in hi-tech. Well, that’s unless I can sell several paintings every month for thousands of dollars. So far I haven’t proven that I can.

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