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Mikhail Simkin thinks not. In his site Reverent Entertainment he “proves” that his doodles that he calls “fake art” are indistinguishable from the “real thing”.

I had a lot of fun doing his quizes to tell doodles from art and pigeon droppings from Pollocks. The site is worth a visit.

From what I understand conceptual and some other modern art is indeed about the intention of the artist and not in the artifact itself. It is art because the artist gave it meaning. The artifact itself is only the vehicle of that intention.

Thus when Damien Hirst cuts a pig in half and puts it in formaline it gets put in museums. If I were to cut up pigs, it wouldn’t be “fake” art, only art by an unknown artist, assuming I imbued it with artistic meaning when I did it.

The only fake art by this post-modern definition is when I create art like Simkin does in order to fool you.

I agree with Simkin that this can get a bit ludicrous. Maybe the cut up pigs are fake art as well.

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