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Shana Tova

A Shana Tova (good year) for the Jewish year 5768 to all my readers and to all my past, present and future clients. A year of creativity and realized potential.

שנה טובה

Health and happiness to all!


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Since I started my blog, I’m getting a lot of hits on my site from Google searches. The links in my blog page seem to have done wonders for my site’s rating and the blog itself doesn’t too bad either:

Some searches to do for fun:

  • definition of real art (blog comes out #1)
  • real art studio (blog #5)
  • Paintings by Israeli Artists (rafistern.com comes in at #3)
  • israeli artist painter (rafistern.com#8)
  • jerusalem fine paintings (rafistern.com#4)
  • שדה פרגים (rafistern.com #4 after Van Gogh)
  • בניאס (rafistern.com #6)
  • Nahlaot (rafistern.com #8)
  • חומות ירושלים (rafistern.com #3)

The downer is that if you change the searches even a little bit, then the results come out differently. Shows just how fickle Google can be.

For example while “Paintings by Israeli Artists” comes in at #3, “Paintings Israeli Artists” comes in at #11 on the second page and they say that they are ignoring the “by”.

Worse, while “jerusalem fine paintings” does really well at #4, “jerusalem fine art” is just nowhere to be seen. My guess is that the latter is what most people search for.

Oh well, more work still to do…

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