Archive for September 20th, 2007

This what I got done last night. I have arranged the photos in reverse order with the first at the bottom and the final one at the top. In the first picture you can see the first stage where I sketched in the picture in paint over the charcoal. I chose a purple hue as this is to be the general hue of the picture. What I forgot to do, was to paint a wash background, but I may still do that over what I have already done.

In the next three pictures, you see how I block in the basic colors.

Now I have all the picture there in sketch, I will go over it again in detail and actually do the painting. As I said before, I am considering painting a purple wash on the shaded parts of the painting (and maybe all of it) in order to get a uniform hue so that the painting will hang together.

I might get some more done this evening so I’ll have to see.


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