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Taking shape

The picture is taking shape. In the first image (bottom) you can see that I put in the far house and then I added some potted plants outside it. I am still n ot happy with the way it looks and I will come back to that later.

I then started working on the trees – first on the left hand side. This is a eucalypt I reckon that haaangs down with hues of green and gold (ochre). I opened some sky in the middle which makes the whole place a little livelier and put some sun on the far tree in the middle over the house. This is a bright leafy green (called “permanent green light” by Talens) and some lemon yellow and white.

I then went for the right hand “thicket”. I painted on some black (yes, real black) and some very dark olive green mixed with black to make the dark shades of the depth of the bush and then started daubing mixed lighter and darker greens (sap and olive green)  mixed with black and ultramarine or white as the case may be. It now looks quite 3D though it isn’t finished.

Hopefully, even with Sukkot coming up I will get some more done this week. And BTW don’t forget to come to see me at the Beit Shemesh festival on 1st October at the Ramat Beit Shemesh Matnas form 4pm – 8pm.

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