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The Beit Shemesh Festival 2007 (the “Shemeshfest”) starts tomorrow. If you haven’t seen the colorful prospectus yet (they stuck one in our mailbox, another in the local paper and I found a few blowing down the street in the wind) you can go to the link I linked above to read all about it.

There is a lot going on! However the most important part is the art show in the RBS where I will be showing along with a group of other highly talented artists from the Beit Shemesh and Adulam area (“Adulam” is the area south of Beit Shemesh).

The exhibit opens tomorrow (Sunday 30th September) at 4pm and it is open till 8pm. At 6pm there will be an official opening ceremony. On Monday the exhibition is open from 1pm to 8pm.

My paintings will be on show for the full length of the show but I will be there in person on Monday afternoon only.

There will be various activities for children going on at the Matnas and there is supposed to be a Sukkah there and food on sale. On Monday evening at 6pm there will be a concert put on by the Beit Shemesh conservatory.


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