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That’s the question I’m asking myself now.

As you can see from the picture, I have been making a lot of progress since last time I blogged about the painting. I am on the final straight now, I think, but I am still not happy. The question is how much more effort to expend in making it perfect.

The latest steps I have taken have been to work on the pavement (added highlights, shades and fallen flowers) added pinks to create more uniformity of hue, worked on the right hand gateway and the plants around it and the most major of changes, closed the branches of the purple bush in a canopy over the path.

However, I’m still not happy. The picture is lacking some kind of life to it. I think the main problem is that the bush is too monolithic. It seems to me that all the other parts of the picture are alive and this remains monolithic and kind of dead.

What to do? I’m not sure yet. I took a look at the previous painting from 2005 of this alley and put them side by side on the screen. There is a big difference, but then they are different pictures. Whta the other one had was a lot more light. Blue light. Maybe I need some cool blue? I need to keep thinking.

So in answer to my question from the start, the answer is no, not yet.


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