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I saw an article on the BBC news website about a special scan that has been done of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to discover changes he made as he was working and what color the paint really is under the layers of yellowed varnish.

The result if we can believe it, is quite stunning. The man responsible for this – a French engineer and inventor named Pascal Cotte – has exhibited his “original” Mona Lisa and has a website called Mona Lisa Revealed showing the results and promoting a documentary film about his work.

I certainly prefer the bright blue background in the “original” painting.


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As of yesterday, I am now represented at Nofim Gallery in Jerusalem! The five pictures you see above are all on sale there.

This is a personal milestone to be represented for the first time in a commercial gallery and hopefully the start of bigger things.

The Nofim Gallery is a relatively new gallery run by a fellow ex-Brit. It is located in the gallery (and trendy restaurant) area of downtown Jerusalem, literally a minute from the walls of the Old City in one direction and the bustling Jaffa Road in the other.

I now need to update my website and start up some publicity.

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