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I saw this blog post today where she highlights this humorous but serious article about obfuscation that appeared in The Journal of Political Economy (not something I would have read generally). This is how many scientists, economists and experts work and nobody knows what they are talking about. When talking about art there is also a tendency to talk in big words and intimidate the audience. If you want to sell your art you need to learn to avoid this and engage your buyers.

A whole lot of good articles on this can be found at artbusiness.com. They have several articles on exactly this subject, for example “people need help buying art so help them”.

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I made more headway with the picture of the stream last night. Above you can see the progress. I am really enjoying this painting. My feeling that I needed to do something more energetic was right. I am really getting into laying the paint down freely – no washes, no fine brushes – just daub it on… well almost.

The underpainting in this piece is in burnt umber. I then painted on the rocks using a lot of black and the hidden submerged stones in more burnt umber, ochre, phthalo blue and raw sienna. That was in the last session. Now I covered the stones in phthalo blue mixed with white and then washes of burnt umber and phthalo blue. I beefed up the rocks in black, white and hints of (you guessed) burnt umber and phthalo blue.

I then worked on the highlights in more titanium white, added the foliage (light green) and finally went back over the water with burnt umber to prepare for the next layer of white and give depth.

More in the next few days.

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