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You may well ask because it’s quite a while since I last posted. In the meantime I’ve being painting away… or more precisely painting and repainting the picture as I have done a lot of getting the painting up to a certain point, messing it up, painting over a large portion and starting again. Now I think I’m on the winning stretch although there is still a way to go. I need to get used to the image that has emerged and contemplate it a bit.

When I paint I generally do a maximum of a couple of hours at a stretch. This is both because I generally don’t have more than that amount of time at a go and also because I find that I need time to sit back, get used to the picture and work out where to go next. Usually just keeping the painting up on the easel (in the corner of the living room) and seeing it as I go about other things is enough and I can see how to progress. However I do need that time. Sometimes I wonder how I would paint if I had all the time I need and not just an hour or two here and there. I suppose I would have to work on several pieces consecutively and work on another while I’m mulling the first.


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