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You may have been wondering what happened to my rainy night painting. Well here it is. Unfortunately I’ve been swamped in work over the last week or two, so I haven’t got much time to paint, so the fact that I wasn’t reporting of any progress was not because I was being too lazy to update you, but because apart from a black underpainted canvas there wasn’t much to tell.

Tonight I did do some painting and what you see above is the product of two hours’ work. Not bad, and I think it’s finished. That makes it my fastest painting. In any case, in my best tradition, I will lay it up over the weekend and decide next week if I haven’t changed my mind.

As I said the painting is done on a heavy underpaint of black to which I added some azo lemon yellow. The painting itself is done in black, white, ochre and a couple of tinges of vermillion.

I’m quite happy how it’s turned out. The reflections in the water on the road look real good. I suppose this combines my night scenes of the Jerusalem walls with my running water pictures. The only problem now is where to put it along with all my other pieces…


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