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And yesterday.

Yesterday evening I finished off my skyscape cloud picture. It was a lot of fun and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

I did almost the whole painting with a 1″ soft brush which is an unusual diversion for me. My palette was quite restricted as well – titanium white, phthalo blue, oxide black and a bit of ultramarine blue.

I mixed the paints with matt acrylic medium and a small amount of water – just enough to keep it flowing – but really most of the picture was done scumbling with a pretty dry brush. The result looks better than the image you can see on the right and is quite pleasing. A bit abstract even… though I still don’t think it would qualify for my “abstract piece” I promised in my yearly goals.

This afternoon I started on a new piece – and as is fitting; a picture of Jerusalem under snow! You can see what it looks like here on the left.

Seeing as I haven’t actually made it to Jerusalem, the picture is based on reference material as well as the general feel for things as I look out the window.

My palette is again a limitted one. I am using a lot of titanium white, oxide black and phthalo blue. Apart from that I have yellow ochre and raw umber in the walls there. The underpaint is a steely grey, which I then sketched over in a dilute black. I blocked in the objects in greyscale values.

Once I had all the picture more or less sketched and blocked I added in the color on the walls. I haven’t got to the olive trees in the foreground yet and I am also not sure whether to leave the tower under mist. The mist incidentally happened by accident as I was reworking the sky and I painted over the tower and the tops of the walls instead of working around them. Feel free to suggest what you think in the comments (if you’ve got this far through the post…).

It looks like I’m going to be home tomorrow as well, so I should be able to get it finished.


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Snow day

As I posted earlier, today Jerusalem was covered in snow. Sorry to all the people who came to my site to see the Jerusalem snow. I hope you enjoyed you stay all the same and weren’t too disapointed that I had no snow pictures… Remarkably, Google indexed me within an hour of my post and I came out on the first page of the results.

Anyway, the snow meant that I didn’t go into work today. So I worked a bit, painted a bit, went looking for snow with the kids (we got as far as Nes Harim and didn’t find it, just pouring rain and heavy fog). You can see in the image below taken from the Tzora weather station site, what the weather was like in Beit Shemesh – cold and wet.


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Sold two pictures!

Hayim from Nofim called me to tell me he has sold two of my pieces to “a wealthy gentleman” who looked at all the work in the gallery and took home two of mine!

The pieces he bought are the “Pasture near Beit Shemesh” and “Early morning in Nahlaot“. Hayim asked me to bring some more work with me when I come to pick up the cheque….

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Snow in Jerusalem!

… and in the Golan, Shomron, Gush Etzion, etc.

I’m “stuck” at home today as I work in Jerusalem. Good time to finish a painting or two. Actually I have one I more or less finished last night. I will post it later on.

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