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Insect artists?

If you thought art by elephants was dubious, well now we have art by insects. Yes it’s true. Yoyo wrote a post today about art by this guy Steven Kutcher who basically dips insects in watercolor paiant and then lets them walk across his canvas.

In my opinion this can hardly be called art. I would hold that art must be an expression of some intelligent intent. While one could argue that an artist who randomly throws paint around is expressing his intelligent intent and creating something according to a (random) plan, letting an insect walk across a canvas is barely the expression of any intent.

Unlike elephants, insects have no noticable intelligence with which to create art. On the other hand, Mr Kutcher can barely claim to be the artist if he entrusted the work to a dumb insect.

I remember reading about some of Monets plein air work that include insects and sand trapped in the paint… well that’s another thing.

Now, if Kutcher could program his insects to create a pattern of his design – that would be cool.


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Food art

Today I saw an article on the BBC website showing amazing landscape  dioramas created by an Australian photographer called Carl Warner and all out of food.

It reminded me of a great book called “Food Play” by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freyman. The book presents pages of models of faces, people animals and whatnot all made out of fruit and vegetables. Apparently this book is one of a whole series. I saw it in the art museum shop in Williamstown MA and thought I must take this one home with me.

Worth a look.

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In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any paintings and what I’m up to recently, here is a rundown of what’s going on.

I am in fact working on a painting at the moment. It is a running water one but I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. I will post a photo later, probably after it’s finished because it is in fact almost finished.

Recently I have indeed been rather short on time. I have had some difficult deadlines at work to finish design documents (software system architecture not graphic design) that have taken a lot of evenings as well. On top of that I am planning a trip to my brother’s wedding in Australia and that has been keeping me busy.

Excuses, excuses… Where are those 15 paintings for 2008?

[Image credit: modified from original image by Sevenoaks Art]

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