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Last week was an amazing week for my painting with two pictures sold and an unprecedented output of three (almost four) pictures! This was a direct by-product of the weather that prevented me (or at least gave me a perfect justification) from going to work. This gave me loads of time for painting.

So what did we have? Last weekend I painted the clouds picture. Then on Monday Hayim sold two of my paintings. Tuesday night the snow started and so on Wednesday I started the painting of Migdal David under snow (see above) which I finished on Thursday. On Thursday I picked up an old canvas that I started almost exactly a year ago, but never finished and produced the picture you see here.

It is a small canvas (20×30 cm) but Hayim has a customer looking for that size. In all the picture came out rather well. It is a view looking from the old city towards Har HaZeitim (Mt of Olives). The tower on the top is the Augusta Victoria Hospital.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, I started on a new canvas. It is another 20×30 of a Jerusalem walls by night. I started it last night and I will finish it during the week. You can see below how it stands right now.

So how are we going by the goals I set a month back?

  1. Four pictures is a quarter of 16, so it looks well for meeting my production target.
  2. I have enjoyed all the paintings I have done so far despite the accelerated production rate, so I’m OK on that front as well.
  3. Selling two pictures is most of the way to selling three – so that makes us well on target. I might revise this target.
  4. I am also making progress on the exhibition front. I have an offer (more later) although we haven’t closed anything yet. Also if I can produce this rate of work, then that removes one of my worries of getting involved in doing an exhibition and gthen having to create a certain amount of work for it. I now just need to set a date and agree the terms.
  5. As I said in a previous post, the clouds were almost abstract and they give me a direction to pursue the abstraction idea.

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