Archive for March 3rd, 2008

I’m back from Oz and after spending a few days getting over the 24 hour flights and the 9 hour time difference, it is now time to get back down to work.

Work is my day job (it is at times like this that I wish I didn’t have to earn money to live, eat, clothe, feed, etc) and of course my painting. I have a solo show on the horizon, though we haven’t set a date yet. Yesterday evening I looked through what paintings I have in stock that I can show and worked out what pictures I am going to paint for the show. I need to do another four new pictures or so in order that I will have a decent number. Of course if I sell something between now and then, then I’ll have to do some more. I am going to go for a few landscapes and maybe a Jerusalem one – night or day. One of the pictures will also be a big one (like 1×1.2m) to be a centerpiece so to speak. Need to think about that a bit more as well.


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