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I just browsed back in my archive and discovered that back in August last year my first blog postings were a WIP of the Jerusalem Balcony picture.


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Exciting news – Jerusalem Balcony is sold!

To tell the truth there is a certain sadness in seeing good pictures departing but I remember reading way back on WetCanvas a poster who said that if you don’t sell you don’t ever move on from your older work and you can’t develop.

I think I have already beaten my sales target for this year… ahem. That means it’s time for a new target. So here it comes, <drum roll> the new target is a whopping 12 pictures – one a month. 

As far as I’m concerned making a sale comprises three factors;

  • Creating some work
  • Displaying the work
  • Luck (and usually some work by Hayim at Nofim)

I currently have an inventory of 25 pictures and my rate of production is about a picture a month, so this target will be hard but is not unattainable (especially with a lot of luck and Hayim’s hard work).


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