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 In my last post I started wroting about how I set out my new painting of the upper reaches of the River Jordan. I know I haven’t finished this subject, but I am already jumping to the end here because I want to show you all how the picture is progressing.

You can see it here on the left. As you can see I started from the top down while trying at the same time to work simultaneously on various parts at once. So far I have the background, trees and river in. What still needs to be done is the bottom left hand corner (the most foreground always comes last and then maybe to add some more white foam on the river and maybe to add something to the far-bank trees to make them stand out.

The colors I have used here are ochre and burnt umber on the earth color side, sap green and bright green and phthalo and ultramarine blues. I have used the ultramarine quite extensively in shade in and under the trees as well as for the rocks in the river. The sap green also got use outside its natural habitat of the darks of the trees and has found its way into the far exposed rock on the hill behind.

All in all the painting is coming on really well and is set to be a good painting. This is one of those flowing-singing paintings I wrote about while doing the evening in the Galilee picture a couple of months back. Maybe I should take note of this when I am choosing subjects. I seem to like these small scale outdoors sceenes best – not man-made environments and not sweeping landscapes. Hmmm….


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