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The best falafel

Yesterday I had the best falafel I have had in many years. In fact it was so good, I just felt I needed to blog about it and let the world know.

Why was it so good. Well…

  1. The falafel balls were crispy and freshly fried
  2. There were loads of them
  3. I had mine in a pita. My son had a lafa and there were considerably more falafel in the lafa than in the pita (which is a rare thing – and the reason I normally go for the cheaper and theoretically smaller pita).
  4. While we were standing in line the guy serving behind the counter gave us each a falafel ball on the house to build up our anticipation.

So where is this great falafel stall? It is in Talpiot in Jerusalem and the map here shows where to find it.

Opposite Kanyon Hadar there is a long building set back from the street with parking in front. It is the one with a matress shop at the far left end, a craft supply store and a hardware store at the right end.

In front of the parking on the street there are two stalls – one Burgers Bar on the left and the other the best falafel in the Middle East (well maybe I’m getting a bit carried away there) on the right.

The red/yellow circle marks the spot.


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