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Last Thursday night was Lag BaOmer. This is the 33rd day from the festival of Pesach and is held by tradition to be amongst other things the day that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai died. He is acredited as having written the major mystical work – Sefer HaZohar (literally “the book of luminance”). As a result there is a widespread custom of lighting bonfires and sitting round them doing unmystical things like eating roast potatos and marshmallows.

If there is an opposite to greenness then Lag BaOmer is it. I suppose you could call it a red festival (red being the complementary color to green). Large amounts of waste (and not so waste) timber get collected by packs of marauding teenagers in the weeks leading up to the festival in order to burn them all night when it comes. And I haven’t spoken about the air quality the next morning…..

But anyway, why be a killjoy? Let’s spend the rest of the 364 days of the year being green. After we’ve done that we can start on curbing the excesses of things enshrined in our culture that give enjoyment and meaning to our lives.


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