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Four days to go to the exhibition and the excitement is building.

Lots of the people I am speaking to (well, I speak to all the right people don’t I) are excited about the exhibition and are going to come and take a look and some even maybe to buy.

My website and blog are also getting a record number of hits, so there is obviously interest out there. 

This afternoon I am taking the pictures along to the gallery, so we are now all set. See you all there!

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Click on the image to read (assuming you can read Hebrew).

This is from “Hed Beit Shemesh” this weekend. “Hed Beit Shemesh” is one of the local newspapers. I sent it to the other local papers as well, but looks like they didn’t want to give me free publicity.

Shabbat Shalom.

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Here is the image I promised this morning. The picture is a view of a grove of olive trees. You see the sunlight coming through the bracnches and making patches of cool shade on the parched summer ground. It is mostly finished, but still a bit of work to be done to get it hanging together.

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Forget the £41M. It’s just beautiful.

“Le bassin aux nymphéas”, 1919, Claude Monet.

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Being an incredibly organized person, everything is now ready for the opening of the exhibition next week. I just got some pictures back from framing yesterday evening and they look fantastic. Pictures look so much more impressive when thay are framed.

A quick plug for my framer. I use Alon in Ramat Beit Shemesh. I highly recommend him. He works from home and his phone number is 02-9997712.

However, even with all the praparations for the exhibition there are other things going on.

First of all I have started a new piece. I wanted to show the picture here but I left it on my USB memory stick at home. I downloaded the pictures from the camera, rushed to move them to the memory stick… and then left it plugged into the PC. The picture is of a grove of olive trees with sunlight coming through the branches leaving dappled shade on the ground. Hopefully I’ll get time to blog tomorrow and I’ll post the picture.

But that is not all. I made another sale – my first foreign buyer. A couple of weeks ago I got an enquiry from a woman in California and after receiving the payment via PayPal I sent it off this morning (see image of the package on the right). I sent it packed in layers of bubble wrap and cardboard, by international express mail which is a lot cheaper than courier companies. The piece she bought is Migdal David Nighttime 3 that appears above at the start of the post.

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