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This article is first of a three part series on how to write your “About” page. The three articles may be found at:


I just spent some time yesterday updating the about page on my site with new text and a new photo. I also updated the about page on this blog (see “about” tab above) with the photo and a slightly cut down version of the same text.

The reason I made this update is in order to get my texts in synch with each other and with the new “about” text that I am sending out as part of the publicity for my upcoming exhibition at Nofim Gallery on 3-15 July.


So this brought me round to the subject of writing an “about” page and how it’s done. First of all, I shouldn’t need to mention how important the “about” page is. If you don’t have one then nobody will know anything about you. Obvious? As I said, I shouldn’t need to mention it.

So what do you put on the page:

  1. Something about you (a.k.a. your “bio”)
  2. Something about your work (a.k.a. you “statement”)
  3. How to contact you

In this post I will just add a few words on goals. Your website is your marketing tool whether you actively sell from it or not. It is where you sell your brand. Your bio and statement are there to help establish the personality of your brand.

You want to do the following:

  1. Real people are credible. You want to boost your credibility by explaining who you are.
  2. You want to establish your brand and make it attractive.
  3. You want people to understand what you are doing and identify with it.
  4. You want to give them something to talk about.

In the next two posts I will cover what I think should go in your bio and statement, and a bit about how to go about writing them.

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