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If you are a member of the press, then this one is for you. If not, then you may be interested as well.

The official exhibition press release can be downloaded here in Hebrew and English. The English text appears below.

Rafi Stern
Tel: 054-5664305
Email: rafi@rafistern.com
Web: http://www.rafistern.com
Haim Ben Shlomo
Nofim Gallery
24 Ben Sira St, Jerusalem 94181
Tel: 050-5578253
Email: hbens@netvision.net.il
Web: http://www.nofimgallery.com

5 June 2008

Exhibition opening of work by artist Rafi Stern

On Thursday 3rd July an art exhibition opens at the “Nofim” gallery in Jerusalem showing work by the artist Rafi Stern. Rafi, a resident of Beit Shemesh, has exhibited work in various exhibitions – the last being at the Beit Shemesh Festival last fall.

Rafi specializes in painting Israeli landscapes and scenes and works in a style that blends between realism and impressionism. His paintings including views of Jerusalem, the Galilee and the area around his home town. One of the subjects Rafi particularly enjoys painting is water and he has done several paintings of the Banias and upper Jordan River. “What I like is the contrast between the movement of the water and the landscape”, he explains “water has the immediacy of the movement, reflections, and light and shade as well as the depth and breadth of the scene”.

Rafi emigrated to Israel from England in 1990. He excelled in art in high school but chose not to pursue his talent as a career. A few years ago he returned to art and started taking evening lessons. “I studied engineering and work in software development”, he says “I returned to art in order to return creativity to my life”. In the meantime his work his garnered much praise and also demand.

The exhibition opens on Thurday 3rd July with an opening evening between 18:00-20:00 at which it will be possible to meet and speak with the artist. After that, the exhibition is open daily and will run until Tuesday 15th July. The Nofim Gallery is situated at 24 Ben Sira St. in Jerusalem, near the Mamilla junction.

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Exhibition preview

Check out this powerpoint presentation I have created of paintings that will be appearing in the upcoming exhibition. More important – be there. The dates are 3-15 July 2008. the place is Nofim Gallery, 24 Ben Sira St., Jerusalem (at the Mamilla junction – corner of Ben Sira, Shlomzion and Agron).

Feel free to download it and pass it on if you enjoyed it.

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