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One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do you manage to part with your artwork when you sell it? I would never be able to!”.

If I had to make a league table of questions this would probably come in third place after:

  • “When do you find time to paint?” and
  • “Why are you working for <successful hi-tech company>, if you paint this stuff?”.

My answer to this question is always threefold:

  1. Yes, it is difficult.
  2. However I don’t have enough hanging and storage space – and anyway what’s the good of a painting in storage?
  3. I remember reading somewhere way back when I was starting art that if you don’t sell then you don’t psychologically move on and you get stuck where you are artistically.

I think there is also something else to it, that in order to be “an artist” you need to sell. Just like you can’t be an author if you are writing for your desk drawer. If you paint just for yourself, there is something wasted. Art needs to be shared and sharing means that you need to let go. You can’t be an artist if you can’t do this.

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This is cool! I saw it on CNet news.com. It is a concept design that came in as a finallist in the “nextGen” PC design competition sponsored by Microsoft. This idea, dsigned by Moh. Tri Hariyanto, is a touch sensitive digital palette that you could mix your colors and then paint with a set of brushes on a digital surface.

Imagine this with one of those big multi-touch surfaces they’re talking about now. Imagine one of those surfaces on an easel and some smart software that makes my paint apply like the real stuff. I might even take up digital painting.

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