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Taken from the opening passage of “First Diasporist Manifesto” by R. B. Kitaj:

“Diasporist painting is unfolding commentary on its life-source, the contemplation of a transience, a Midrash (exposition, exegesis of non-literal meaning) in paint and somehow, collected, these paintings, these circumstantial allusions, form themselves into secular Responsa or reactions to one’s transient restlessness, un-at-homeness, groundlessness.”

I haven’t read the book, so I am not familiar with his term “diasporist painting”. What I liked was the allusion between painting and midrash. Something to think about.

Another quote also from the Diasporist Manifesto, that I saw in another article that made me go look up stuff about Kitaj:

“Painting is a great idea I carry from place to place. It is an idea full of ideas, like a refugee’s suitcase, a portable Ark of the Covenant.”

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