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I read Seth Godin today with a sense of deja-vu. If you don’t watch TV, or like me don’t even own one, all of a sudden you will see that you have loads of time for painting, programming or writing or whatever it is you do.

If you also ration the number of blogs you read and you don’t Twitter then you are really away!

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I have started work on a new picture. The reference is what you see here on the right (cut slightly differently, but basically the same).

What I have done so far is to block in the water in glazes of phthalo blue, sap greep and burnt umber. The style and technique so far remind me of Tina Mammoser‘s work (BTW she also likes sap green which is one of my favorite colors) although what I am looking for in the finished work will be more in the direction of a Monet water-lilly piece.

Sorry no images yet. I tried photographing it this morning in a hurry and it was hard to do justice to the saturation of the colors with the little time I had. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get you something. You’ll have to take my word for it – the water looks deep and watery and the colors are looking beautiful.

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Something I saw on Seth Godin’s site today. Puremedia is a web design company with a one page web site. To tell the truth, they’re cheating because they have a link to their old site which has the full story and portfolio, but the idea is still there.

Can you make your statement clearly in one page? If you are good, do you really need any more?

It’s a bit like the idea I wrote about a while back that if you are really good you don’t need to write a CV because your reputation will speak for you. Here is a bit different. I think that what they are doing is going for the teaser approach – “We are cool, so cool that anything we say about us would not be cool enough. Try us.”

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Olive grove

I have finally finished the olive grove picture. As I wrote in the description on my site

The season is summer, the air is hot and still and the trees offer cool shade as the hot sun beats down on the burnt yellow grass.

Sounds like July-August. Hot.

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At the end of the exhibition I was left with the question of what to do with the pictures I got back. What was more pressing is what to do with the pictures I had framed because I don’t have any space to store them at home in their framed state.

My walls at home and, as you can see here, my office at work have been the beneficiaries of my quandary.

So you see, some good does come out of not selling any work…

This is the new “exhibition”. Currently I don’t have any plans to expand, but there may be an announcement some time in the not so distant future.

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To see a higher definition version of the video, go here.

I saw this in the unlikely place “Astronomy picture of the day” labeled “Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth”. The story is this guy Matt Harding, going round the world recording himself dancing in 39 different countries with local people. A lot of fun. As they said in the blurb on Astropix: “Happiness is frequently contagious — few people are able to watch the above video without smiling” (their hyperlinks).

It reminded me of another blog I am currently following “The art of non-conformity” by a guy called Chris Guillebeau who is amongst other things, trying to visit every country in the world.

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The exhibition is now over and I can sum it up. Overall, the exhibition was a success even though I didn’t actually sell anything there.

The main positive point is that I got a lot of publicity. My flyers got seen by a lot of people, some of who came to see the show, others who just looked at the work online and others who cam up to me and said “are you the artist?”. Add to that the local news coverage I got in Beit Shemesh and the mention in the “what’s on” in the press in Jerusalem, that’s quite something.

In addition, I can chalk up the exhibition as an event both for my own ego and when talking to potential customers and galleries and in today’s market and in Jerusalem, it’s not so bad that I didn’t sell anything. Everyone is having a hard time selling.

So what next?

On Wednesday I brought all the pictures back from the gallery except for two (this and this) that Haim is keeping there. He has taken the opportunity to reorganize his walls and he has some nice stuff there now. I hung a couple of the framed pictures at home and another in the office and I will put the rest into storage.

I need to work now on widening my channels for showing my work and for sales. With most of my pictures back in my storage, the chance of selling anything has gone down a bit but I have some ideas already and more coming.

  • I am currently working on an upgrade to my website including the integration of PayPal and online checkout. I am also going to do a review of item statuses to reflect that work can be on sale online (and dispatched by mail) in a gallery or by enquiry (larger, framed and more expensive pieces). I have already made changes in the search but there is more to come. You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I sold a piece from the web site so I decided to invest some effort here.
  • I am thinking of going back to my idea of a large piece for a public place to get some work on permanent display (apart from the free publicity when it goes up).
  • I am also thinking of finding a second gallery and not in Jerusalem – like Tel Aviv. This is quite a project for me as I know nothing about Tel Aviv and just getting there will involve investing large amounts of time.
  • What I won’t be doing is disaplaying in any group shows in Beit Shemesh, unless somebody comes to me with a very good proposal for something considerably better than any of the shows that have been up till now.

So as you can see I have a few ideas to be working on. Readers, do you have any more?

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