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I read Seth Godin today with a sense of deja-vu. If you don’t watch TV, or like me don’t even own one, all of a sudden you will see that you have loads of time for painting, programming or writing or whatever it is you do.

If you also ration the number of blogs you read and you don’t Twitter then you are really away!

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I have started work on a new picture. The reference is what you see here on the right (cut slightly differently, but basically the same).

What I have done so far is to block in the water in glazes of phthalo blue, sap greep and burnt umber. The style and technique so far remind me of Tina Mammoser‘s work (BTW she also likes sap green which is one of my favorite colors) although what I am looking for in the finished work will be more in the direction of a Monet water-lilly piece.

Sorry no images yet. I tried photographing it this morning in a hurry and it was hard to do justice to the saturation of the colors with the little time I had. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get you something. You’ll have to take my word for it – the water looks deep and watery and the colors are looking beautiful.

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