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I am in the middle of changing my website (not my blog – at least not for now) host at the moment.

Up till now my site http://www.rafistern.com has been hosted with GoDaddy.com.  My hosting agreement with them is about to run out and I have been sufficiently annoyed by them over the last two years that I have decided to invest valuable painting time in transfering my site to a new hoster – LunarPages.

So what’s wrong with GoDaddy? Apart from having a really silly name (the kind you’re embarrassed by when you have to explain to a computer-outsider where your site is hosted), I have over the last while got a bit frustrated with the features and service that they provide.

First off, their admin interface is bloated and sooooooo slow. Secondly the option that they offer to configure are rather basic. Now that I am setting up my site on LunarPages I realize just how basic they are – one database login with full admin privileges only, that I couldn’t do a database backup at all, the ability to run the site in medium trust only (see here for the grief that caused me).

Anyway, I am currently in the process of moving to LunarPages. I have only been dealing with them for a few days but the difference is so big that I felt I had to write about it. First off, they give lots of features for a good price. I am paying $9.95pm for ASP.Net hosting with a virtually unlimited MS SQL database. That is all I really need. Add to that unlimited email addresses, a mailing list and a whole load of junk I don’t need, that’s pretty good. Next – and this is why I chose them – they have an excellent reputation for uptime and customer service. So far I can vouch for the service. I got a reply to a pre-sales question in record time and they are currently helping me set up my database (admittedly with some problems) and I am getting prompt and comprehensive answers from tech support even at the weekend. Their control panel is fast even from Israel and is really fully-featured as if I was sitting on the server itself. They use Plesk for their IIS and file management and myLittleAdmin for SQL which blew me away after using the interface that Godaddy were giving me.

My timetable is that I need to get everything set up by the end of the week and then I point the domain (still registered via GoDaddy) to the Lunarpages DNS server and open a new chapter.

In the new site there will be a couple of enhancements, including PayPal shopping cart integration which is a pretty major feature, and some usability features and cosmetics. I am also including a new policy section including shipping, privacy and copyright policies. Maybe I will devote blog entries to explain those over next weeks.

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