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Behold, my next picture!

I just started on this last night. There were several contenders for which picture from my recent vacation would make it to be my next piece. After my last piece that I haven’t finished, I decided against doing anything watery, thought there were some contenders. What was left in therunning was this, another misty view, the cliffs of Nahal Gush Halav and a nice shot on the circular summit path on Mt Meron.

This one in the end took the majority vote of my family art advisors. So far I have stsrted with a lurid lemon yellow underpainting.

In case you don’t know, the Hulah Valley is a valley in the far north of Israel (how far north can you go in a small country?) between the highlands of the Galilee to the west and the Golan plateau to the east. It has nothing to do with Hawaian dancers or strangely named children in New Zealand

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