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More progress last night. Again a crappy picture because my camera is in for repair. The picture is shapping up well and I am quite happy with the progress.

A few technical details. I started on an underpaint of cadmium yellow light (I bought cadmium yellow instead of azo yellow by mistake but they match pretty well). I then started blocking in with dilute phthalo blue and titanium white. Against all the rules I use “opaque” titanium white for glazing… Last night I added some ochre into the distance, some burnt umber and started using olive green for the mid-ground trees.

Now I need to concentrate a bit more on the right hand side and then continue working forward. As we get closer the colors are going to getting darker and stronger with probably some black mixed into the green of the trees for emphasis.

The big challenge here is keeping the gradation of the distance, the light and the mistiness. All an interesting challenge.

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