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No that’s not the name of a new movie, this is my schedule for this week.

The children all went back to school two weeks ago at the start of September, so now is the season to go meet the teacher and hear what s/he has in store for us in the coming year. Luckily only four out of the five have their meetings this week and also luckily I am going to see how I can split these with my wife. Not everyone needs to go to every meeting. Anyway, as a result it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much painting (or much anything) done this week but hopefully I’m going to be able to get my camera back from its repair on Thursday after much delay.

And what about the brit mila? First off, what is that? In plain English that’s a circumcision. If you’re still in the dark, follow the link. Even if you may find it barbaric, it’s an important thing to circumcise Jewish babies.

Basically the deal is that the baby get’s circumcised at age eight days and the parents throw a party. Good friends of ours just had a baby boy (after three girls) so they invited us along to celebrate and celebrations are a good thing, especially happy life events like births. BTW, the girls get a party as well (zeved haBat) only for them it is totally painless. The girls always get the good deal.

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