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Nowhere really. I’m still here, just not been posting anything recently.

After my break from painting for the Hagim, in which I also did quite a bit of thinking and seasonal introspection, I now need to get my act together and put brush to canvas. However I have been experiencing a rather low level of motivation with no recent sales (even at the exhibition in July), my storage  already getting full, and a feeling that I am ready for the next thing.

I feel a need to do something more, something over just another painting. I am toying with an oversize (like several meters painted in pieces) for donation, but I also want to get back to basics with drawing and sketching. On the other hand I’m not doing that either.

So, until I work out what next I’m not doing much creatively though I have been very busy with things that have been waiting for attention round the house and work is now getting busier and also more fulfilling, so that is taking away my attention.

Anyway, so if you don’t see anything here in the near future, it’s not that I have disappeared, I’m just trying to work out what it is I’m doing. When I have some answers I’ll let you know and maybe even before that if I can get the direction at least.

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A Hatimah Tovah to all my readers. May this year be one of creativity, enjoyment and satisfaction.

The last few weeks have reminded us of the difference between creating wealth and creating real value. Let’s all create something great this year and enjoy it.

BTW the image illustrates the sentence from Selihot:

VeNislah LeKhol Adat Bnei Yisrael VeLaGer HaGar Betokham, Ki LeKhol HaAm BiShgagah

“The whole nation of Israel and the foreigner dwelling among them shall be forgiven because all that they did was done in error (not deliberate)”.

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