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New computer screen

I just bought a new screen for my computer. The screen is a LG 1972H which is a 5 star choice on zap.co.il.

My last screen was an LG as well which was also in its time a top choice, but time had told on it and it was no where near as sharp or as saturated as it used to be.

So far I am really satisfied. Pictures come out so much sharper and the colors are so much more saturated. It is also a 19″ so I have taken the opportunity to increase my resolution from 1024×768 to 1280×1024 and it looks perfect.

My main reason for getting the new screen was that editing images on screen was getting to be very much touch and go guesswork because I could not be sure exactly how bright the image was or the exact hues. The difference with the new screen is just amazing.

The screen has a brilliant LG screen, 1:5000 contrast, 2ms refresh and also has the feature of being able to adjust its height which is useful (and helpful to my neck) when you have more than one user who are all different ages and sizes.

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