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The Sky In Motion

Four posts in one day :-).

I had to share this one: The Sky In Motion. Very cool.

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2008 Summary

2008 was some kind of a watershed year. Exactly how things will play out from here is still not clear, but it had a chapter-closing feel about it.

The year started in high spirits with a good business relationship with Nofim and sales. In the first few months, I was even upping my business forecast and preparing for the exhibition. Then sales tailed off, the exhibition brought no new business and then the economy crashed altogether.

However, in the meantime I was updating my website and even made an Internet sale.

After the low that followed the exhibition came the summer and the Hagim and I never really got the momentum back up. My storage space is full, I have a feeling that my painting is becoming routine and technical and I am lacking the drive and the excitement of going out and doing something new. I need to move on to something new and I am not sure where.

In parallel, I have changed my position at work back from a managerial to a technical position and so work is becoming a bit more absorbing again. My wife also started a second degree course which inevitably is also reducing my free discretionary time.

When I look through my goals I set for the year, I see a lot of things I didn’t do. Here they are with my comments.

  1. Paint at least as many paintings as last year – I painted 11 which is less. The first half of the year was very productive, but then it tailed off.
  2. Only paint pictures I think I will enjoy doing – That’s really one of the reasons why things started tailing off.
  3. Do a solo show – Did that. Good exposure but I didn’t actually sell anything.
  4. Sell three pictures – Did that as well. Sold five.
  5. Donate a painting for display in a public space – Never got round to that one.
  6. Paint an abstract painting – Kind of.
  7. Paint or draw a portrait – Nope.

So what are my goals for the next year. Well, my first goal is to decide what my goals are. That’s a big one. After that? Enjoy fulfilling them. In the meantime I might do some more paintings in the meantime, though I don’t know where I’m going to keep them.

As for the blog, I have been toying with some new directions. I may also start a new new blog in order not to damage this one. I might just keep on here, or stop altogether.

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50km From Gaza

In case anybody is interested, Beit Shemesh is 50km from Beit Lahiya, which puts it out of range from Hamas missiles. Beer Sheva which was hit yesterday is 40km from Gaza City. 40km in our direction is about Amazia, Shekef and Lachish just before Beit Guvrin.

That said, we have close family in Beer Sheva and family, friends and colleagues in and around Ashkelon and Ashdod.

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News From Nofim

Just when I had written off any chance of selling anything, I made another sale yesterday.

Nofim is temporarily closing. His lease came to its end and with the market as it is, he has decided to pack up and spend some time considering his next move. Next move seems to be reopening in a better location but when that will be is not clear. At least he didn’t share his thoughts with me. The art market is really down especially in Jerusalem where it relies mainly on tourism.

Hayim had three of my pictures there. He returned me two and bought one at wholesale price for resale. So as far as I am concerned that’s a sale.

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