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A picture from the past

0002-300I recently bought myself a slide copier and I have started going through a couple of thousand photos I have on slide and am digitizing them. This will probably take a long time but it is a start.

On the right is one of the first photos I have done. It was taken in 1978, probably on my last day in primary school (the Avenue Primary in Belmont, Surrey, UK) and shows a group of my friends.

The people in the shot are as follows:

Top row: Stephen Dabbs, David Willis, Angus Jenner, Jonathan Glendinning, Nicholas Bulley.

Bottom row: Stephen Bailey, Stephen Skelton, Martin Something (sorry can’t remember his surname)

Top of head at bottom: Bradley Balmer.

In background: Nigel Hoare and Stephen Baldrey.

Amazing how we remember faces and places 30 years on.

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