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So the war is over. Strange how they managed to finish it just in time for Obama’s swearing-in. Our troops are supposed to complete their pull-back today and leave Gaza to the Gazans to start sorting out the mess and put things back together.

The Hamas leaders and military who all ran away leaving the civilians on the streets, have all come out of their hiding holes and seem to have got back to normal real quick. They are already claiming a “great victory”, promising to rearm with “holy weapons” to kill us and started rounding up Fatah members as suspected collaborators to torture and murder. Great. “What was is what will be and there is nothing new under the sun” (Kohelet (Ecclesiastes for the Greek) 1:9).

Schools in the south of Israel go back today in the hope or belief that they won’t be fired on and things will get back to normal.

Really we’re all hoping that things will become normal rather than just getting back to normal, because normal hasn’t been that normal in Sderot for the last eight years. Many Palestinians no doubt share this wish, but as long as they keep giving power to psychopathic leaders we will continue to be stuck where we are.

Hopefully a lot of Gazans will be wishing things had been normal before and will be happy to try and keep them normal now.


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Just to remember what this war was about.

Eight years of this was too much.

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