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Who to vote for

Elections are coming up on 10th February. I still haven’t decided who to vote for but I saw the “Electoral Compass” site  (in English, Hebrew and Dutch) linked from YNet today, which claimed it was going to help me.

It is an online questionnaire about your views on a whole series of issues at the end of which you are shown a series of “compasses” which remind me a bit of Gartner quadrants showing how you stand compared to the different parties. I came out nearest to Likud. Not bad as this is one of the options I am considering.

I wonder what the underlying assumptions were about the political parties. I suppose they used their official platform documents but seeing as they don’t necessarily follow those, I wonder whether they used their intelligent guess at what the parties really will do.

When I once did the Belief-O-Matic questionnaire (a similar thing regarding religious beliefs) and I came out somewhere between Judaism, Sikhism and Bahai. There I reckoned that some of the answers were obviously aimed at Judaism but badly worded, meaning that a more general alternative answer was more accurate.


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