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Israel is officially in a drought. As if we needed anyone to tell us that. The level of the Kineret today is at -214.37m which is over 5.5m from its maximum and although the winter had an early and promising start it hasn’t rained seriously since. Our local weather station at Kibbutz Tzora is showing a pitiful 144mm which is about a quarter of the annual average of somewhere around 550mm. If you look at the expected rainfall in the months up till now, you still get over 300mm. This is all after five years of below average rainfall and little public awareness or action.

News is that soon water will be rationed to 2.5 cubic meters per person per month. That’s about 70% of what my household uses right now and I don’t think we are that wasteful. Shorter showers and less toilet flushing. Did you know that a third of domestic water usage is flushed down the toilet and further third goes on showers and laundry?

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