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If you have followed the war in Gaza in any way you probably heard the story of the three daughters of Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish who were killed in the bambardment. Dr Abuelaish just happens to be a doctor who lives in Gaza but works in the Israeli Tel HaShomer hospital. Not only that his expertise is in fertility and he helps Jewish and Arab would-be parents alike to give birth.

Anyway, his house was hit presumably by an Israeli shell and his daughters killed. The story became very widely quoted and penetrated even into Israeli prime-time and the national consience.

Now it appears that Israel was rather too quick off the mark to accept responsibility [Note to see English subtitles, click on the triangle on bottom right of movie and select “CC”].

This all reminds me of the infamous story of Muhamed A-Dura which Israel jumped too quickly to take responsibility for, and then disowned the successful campaign by Philippe Karsenty to show that France 2 and their reporter Charles Enderlin and his Palestinian cameraman fabricated the story and published it knowingly that it was untrue. I imagine that the continuation of this story will be similar, with official Israel refusing to stand up and accept that we don’t always fire the killing shots.

However, and a big however, the question is does it matter? Certainly for the world media and public opinion it does not, for Turkey’s prime minister it definitely doesn’t and as “Isreality” blog suggests maybe even objectively it doesn’t.

 As I wrote at the end of the fighting, the feeling is, that everything is now back to normal. Many people have died and an incredible amount of physical damage has been done. However Hamas continues to smuggle weapons to replenish its stocks,  has started again to fire indiscriminately at Israeli civilians and Israel continues to hit back and even warn of another incursion as big as the last.

Dr Abuelaish’s daughters are in the heaven of the Shuhada (do girl Shuhada get 72 hunky guys to serve on them?), Hamas continues the Jihad, Israel continues to try to defend itself and miss-manage its public relations. Has anything changed, and if not then was it all really worth it?

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