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Email from the Hamas

I heard that lots of people had got SMS messages from the Hamas during the Gaza war, promising them that a rocket was going to fall on them and kill them. I was feeling a bit out of things that they hadn’t bothered sending me one, so I was relieved to find an email from the Jihad in my inbox this evening.

In Arabic and broken English and Hebrew they tell me that Muslims love death and that they are all on their way to kill us and drink our blood. Personally I prefer coffee, but everyone to their own. I can’t be judgemental about their cultural preferences. They even embedded some photos of dead and injured people in the email in case I didn’t understand what they mean. Very thoughtful.

Finally they promise me “Rocket will fall on your head at any time. Finally, do you work with us spy on Israel and guarantee you a high return for financial”. Like hell… and that’s also where I recommend you to take a long trip. “Am HaNetzach Lo Mefahed MiDerech Aruka” – “The nation of eternity doesn’t fear a long road”.

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