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Today is election day… and it’s raining. These two facts are not really connected, at least not in a cause-effect way unless you believe that the elections are theologically good and that therefore God is sending us rain as a sign of his approval. You know what, there may be something in that, but only if the right guys win :-). Otherwise he’d be angry, wouldn’t he. Maybe that means they’ll win.

For the rationalists agongst us, the connection is that it will mean a lower turnout to the polls and that the centrist and disaffected voters are less likely to turn out. Last election, a whole lot of people voted for the Pensioners Party as a protest against the political process. The pensioners were taken by surprise as they weren’t actually expecting to get in and they ended up doing virtually none of their pre-election promises which were rather over-optimistic. This time, those guys just won’t turn up to vote for Aleh Yarok (legal cannabis party) or whatever.

Whatever, 7mm of rain fell overnight which brings us up to 136mm (hopefully it will be higher when you look at the link). That means we are still over 400mm short of an average year, but let’s be happy for what we do have.

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