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A neighbor and scholar, Chuck Davidson has just started a new blog called “What Your Rabbi Didn’t Tell You“. A refreshing, scholarly yet down to earth blog on contemporary Halacha. So far he has posted on kashrut of raisins (“I reviewed Sefer VaYikra and could not for the life of me find raisins mentioned among the prohibited foods”) and “Mehadrin” buses (“fortunately for us, R. Moshe Feinstein, who was a frum Jew and knew a bit of Torah, wrote on a subject similar to ours”).

Worth a read. Worth subscribing. Keep it up Chuck.

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Yesterday a total of around 30mm was recorded at Tzora next to Beit Shemesh, bringing us up to an annual total of almost 160mm. If we had 13 more days like this we could still get to the annual average of 550mm. It didn’t even rain all day, but when it did it rained really heavily like I haven’t seen yet this year. However with only another month left of the rainy season, the chances are unfortunately slim.

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Election Day Lessons

The election results were a draw more or less. It seems that the undecideds decided to go with the old and tried and crappy rather than risk change. The betting is that Likud will manage to create a coalition of 65, but it will be an unstable government as it will be relying on the likes of Shas, Aguda and Lieberman. The other alternative would  be for Likud and Kadima to go together, but that would be a government unable to do anything with forces pulling in all directions all the time. Kadima are pushing for a “unity” government, because they know it is their only chance and Likud have obviously rejected this and are trying to build their own coalition.

In whatever case, bad.

As I said in a previous post, I supported HaBayit HaYehudi. They got only three seats, which means they barely got in as the cut-off is at two. The breakaway Ichud Leumi got four. I was expecting the proportions to be the opposite.

I learn from this two contradictory lessons from all this.

First, one of the major lines in the Likud’s electioneering was Netanyahu looking straight into the camera and saying “if you want me to be the prime minister then you need to vote for me and not one of the smaller niche parties. Only voting Likud will make me prime minister”. Basically he was right. If he had only another two or three seats, then it would be obvious who should be called on to form the government.

Secondly and in complete contradiction to the above, it shows how important it was to support the Bayit HaYehudi. They barely got in and with more votes going in the direction of Likud, the nationalist Modern Orthodox public may have ended up with no dedicated representation.

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