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It is reported today in YNet that the vaad hatzniyus has been posting signs on shops round Meah Shearim requiring women to be dressed according their private dress code.

Shop keepers who tried to refuse were warned that if they didn’t hang the signs they would be boycotted. The general haredi public would of course follow the boycott for fear of their wives and daughters getting verbally abused and their children thrown out of school.

We already have this in the Ramat Beit Shemesh shopping precinct, only thankfully the boycott cannot be enforced outside of RBS Bet, so those who didn’t hang the signs go about theior business as usual.

Where is the police? How are these Taleban thugs allowed to continue to get away with this blatantly illegal threatening behavior?


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At last… a new painting

whichAt last I have decided to start on a new painting. For the last half a year I have been rather busy and also lacking in motivation to get back in front of the canvas. The aftermath of last year’s exhibition was a bit of an anticlimax with, well nothing happening and then into a busy summer. I have been incredibly lacking in time with my Mrs starting a second degree, changing position and working harder at work and just a feeling of constantly running front one thing to the next with no respite.

What I have done with my time is to start reading some books and think a bit, but recently I am finding myself with time on my hands and an itch to get back to making some art.

The above are the shortlist that I will paint one of. I am not sure yet which one yet although I have a feeling it will the path on Mt Meron on the top right. What I do know is the canvas 30×60 cm (which is a bit smallish) and what determines the 2:1 format.

I will keep the blog posted with progress.

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By coincidence Climate Progress had a post yesterday about environmental action by faith communuities in the US. I looked at one of the links – lo-Watt Shabbat. Not amazingly exciting. I’m looking for an halakhically acceptable solution for wasting less electricity keeping an urn of hot water and a hot-plate heated over Shabbat.

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