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2009_050300031I’ve got to get a better name for this picture. I think it deserves it. Any ideas?

In any case, it’s finished. I finished it in fact a few days ago on Yom HaZikaron when I had a day off work. All in all about six hours work.

I’m pretty happy with it and the Mrs likes it too, so I am considering hanging it at home. we have a spot currently taken by an old print that would suit it well I think. Failing that I will hang it in my office at work. I moved into a new office a couple of weeks back (positive side – all on my own, negative – no windows) and I am now organizing and decorating.

What next? I’m not sure. It was fun painting but I need to go back to thinking about what to do with my paintings. There is no point in storing them out of sight and in any case the storage space is full. I want to get myself to do some drawing and I’d really like to have time to get down to some serious painting. I need to make a decision.

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