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One of my favorite artists is Claude Monet. According to Wikipedia, Monet created almost 1100 paintings over a period of near on 70 years. Yesterday I looked at Van Gogh and showed a timeline of his work. This prompted me to look at Monet whose work I admire in order to show the productivity of a prolific yet more “normal” artist.

BTW, I came across an amazing site of Monet work with images of almost 500 of his paintings, listing alphabetically and by series. Well worth a visit.

monettimeline1The result is the graph you see on the right (click to enlarge). While Van Gogh was a “painting a day” man, completing very large works in a day or two, Monet certainly took his time. In his most productive years (the 1880s and 90s) he was averaging a painting every week or so. In his later years he would take several years to complete a painting, although I can’t imagine that this was all he was doing. For example 1900-01 he was working on a lot of work in parallel which I have included all under 1901 and if we were to assume that between 1914 and his death in 1926 he was working in parallel and average it out we get to 13 works a year, which seems more reasonable for an aging man with failing sight.

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