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This is a must look. The Brick Testament is a very cool Tanakh (and New Testament) irreverently enacted out in Lego bricks (and not missing the juicy bits either).

Recommended for believers with a good sense of humor.

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Sheep art

Amazing! I’m speechless… or maybe sheepless.

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This is something that completely blew me away.

For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, Google Street View is an extra layer in Google Earth that shows you eye-level panoramic photographs by a click from the regular Google Earth aerial picture. Click on a camera icon in that are lined up along the roads and you zoom in to a 360° panorama photographed at street level. You can also get there by looking for an address in Google Maps and then clicking on the “Street View” link.

76 Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey

I went on a nostalgic trip to visit various places I have lived in (like the above, which is the house I grew up in for the first 18 years of my life) and walked routes along streets just like I did 20 or 30 years ago. Just totally amazing.

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The Sky In Motion

Four posts in one day :-).

I had to share this one: The Sky In Motion. Very cool.

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A fun site I found via Clint Watson’s blog. Mr Picassohead – recommended for a laugh… and at a infinitessimal fraction of the cost of the real thing.

On the right you can see my first attempt. The piece is titled “The Cossack”.

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I saw this cool idea on Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Getting clean water is a big problem in developing countries. Streams are not always clean, carrying the water is hard and the villagers don’t have the resources to run a pump to get at the ground water. PlayPumps is a simple idea of connecting a children’s carousel to a water pump and providing water for a whole village as the children play.

I recently saw an article on a device to create electricty as you walk. My first thought was how daft this contracption would look strapped to my leg. I think that pumping water as you play is definitely cooler. It has me thinking… could we power our neighbourhood from the swingset in the local park?

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